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Make your privacy information instantly available

Easy to setup

With templates you use pre-filled fields that are specific to your business, which will save you a lot of time.

Fast & Simple

The administration system works intuitively: you only see the things that you need. No distraction, you only fill in what is necessary to get qualitative data.

Helping Wizard

The wizard will run the entire privacy administration step by step. This allows you to make huge progress which you can fine-tune later without much preparation.

Quickstart wizard

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) demands a proven record of PII processing’s in your organization. More >>

Quickstart wizard

Clear and complete

PII processings documented

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Audit facilities

avg gdpr administratie tool register

Controls tracking

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Reports for review

avg gdpr administratie tool voldoen privacy register

What do you get:

  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Simple registration of PII processings through a comprehensive interface
  • Clear overview of all your PII processings
  • Audit facilities
  • Controls tracking
  • Insightful reporting
  • All documents in one place

Which results in:

  • You are in control and compliant to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Start simple, use the wizard and templates to get your privacy administration done faster

Quickstart wizard

Solutions and services

Once your administration is completed, you can dive deeper in your compliance and manage your risks.

Overview with all processes in your organization where personal data is processed. Where does the data come from? What do you do with it? Where does the data go?
Through tracking you have an overview of tasks still to be done. Who should do what? Is your audit complete? Which tasks are there still to be done?
Provides you with an overview of the controls to implement. Who is responsible for it?
Keep a record of the data breaches that have taken place in you organisation. Register your follow up actions, did you report them to the authorities or data subjects?
Did you receive any data subject requests? What did you do? Record your response. Keep track of the requests.
An overview of all organizations with which you exchange personal data.
Clear reports are available about your organisation, processings and personal data. Where is a social security number used? How far are you with implementing controls? Who are your data processors?
With one view of status of your administration. How many processings have you defined? How many are in audit?
Upload signed agreements or existing agreements. Also audit reports en other documentation. All in 1 place.
With predefined processings used in your industry. You can start quickly
You process PII with "consent" as only legal foundation. In this register you can maintain the specific consent of those data subjects.

To be released soon:

Who should do what and when? Did they complete their tasks?

Need help or additional services?

Please contact our partners for any help or additional services


  • Help with setup of your administration
  • Legal & technical auditors
  • Help desk
  • Run your privacy project
  • DPO support services

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  • Trial for 30 days
  • Privacy administration
  • Processors overview
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Processor agreements

Start simple with your free trial (30 days)

Use the wizard to set up your processes step by step. Quickly discover the benefit of having your information online in one place to re-use many times, wherever you are.

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Who is using PACT privacy

You ensure that the company can not be held liable. That means that you are demonstrably complying with the GDPR / AVG. To do this, you want to document the processings of personal data.
There are many benefits doing this online. This allows for easy access to data and cooperation with colleagues. You have continuous insight into how much has been processed and you can provide interim reports to others.
You are concerned about the privacy accounting and as executive you are liable for this. You wonder how the administration must be handled.
You want personal data to be recorded according to the new standards of the GDPR and you want to know which measures are necessary.
Collecting data from customers and relations comes with responsibility. You want to know what you can do with this data and which conditions apply.
It is important that you can quickly determine the customer's privacy risk.
As a privacy professional you maintain multiple administrations. For this you request an administration account or request an environment with your companies own look and feel (white label). Please contact us at
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“Great! Everything in one place, readily available”

“A complete overview of all our processing’s, anywhere, anytime”

“Never performed a Privacy Impact Assessment this fast”

“Filled in easy and quick. No need to be an expert”

Request the privacy Buyers Guide and learn which features are important when choosing an AVG tool.

Use the guide to help with your tool selection.

Buyers Guide

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All Features
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€ 37,- p.m. € 49,- p.m. € 85,- p.m. € 400,- p.m.

Payment plans

Minimum subscription period is 1 year.

Get 3 months free with 2 years subscription.

Get 6 months free with 3 years subscription.

Privacy Professional

You as privacy expert want to manage your clients?

Please contact for more details.

Start simple, use the wizard and templates to get your privacy administration done faster