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Online solution to get your organization’s privacy administration done

The PACT way to a proven record of Personally identifiable information processing’s is:

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  • Know what personal data is being processed
  • Have a legal ground for these processings
  • Know where the data is coming from and where it is going.
  • Implement fitting organizational and technical controls to protect the data.
  • Have a privacy administration!

Start simple, finish fast

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avg gdpr administratie tool voldoen privacy

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The PACT way, our philosophy

Many customers start implementing controls like processor agreements, hire a data protection officer, encrypting their data. That is not the fastest way to comply with the GDPR / AVG guidelines. We start with collecting information about your processing’s of personal data, know what you have. Then analyze your risks on a legal, organizational and technical level. And then determine the necessary controls. Save time and avoid frustration: focus solely on necessary controls.

Your processing’s are easy to find in one place and maintained online with the wizard. When you have to report a data breach, within 72 hours, or facilitate an information or audit request you will always need the same information from this database. You benefit of having the information in place and you profit from the speed.

Quickstart with the wizard

Can’t the privacy administration be made easier ?

Adhering to the privacy regulations is difficult enough. That’s why PACT-privacy chooses simplicity: a method where you only do what you really need to do.

Presenting difficult tasks in a simplified way

It’s like putting together a big IKEA DIY package: stick to the correct order given in the instruction manual to finish faster with a result that makes you happy. The PACT-privacy is set up in the same way. We have reduced the complex process of privacy administration to a few simple steps. With some additional help from the wizard and pre-filled templates you are quickly on your way to compliant privacy administration.

Benefits of the PACT-privacy methodology:
  • Overview of what remains to be done
  • Continuous insight into your progress
  • No duplicate tasks afterwards
  • Implement only necessary controls
  • You only hire the expensive legal and compliance experts when needed
You are at the wheel

The privacy administration which you establish with PACT-privacy is built with modules. These are so solid that you can add additional services to it without losing your way or having to startover again. The wheel also comes with a dashboard: quick reports and clearly presented key figures.

Start simple, use the wizard and templates to get your privacy administration done faster

Quickstart wizard

Start simple, use the wizard and templates to get your privacy administration done faster

Quickstart wizard